Thursday, February 17, 2011

Electrelane to Reform

Rumour has it that Electrelane, Brighton's best girlie rock group are to reform after a couple of years off. I saw them a few times and would be interested to see what they sound like now.  Originally they were a bit of a Stereolab tribute act but the last couple of albums saw the band breaking out in some interesting directions.  News of Brighton dates soon.

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Café Gallery @ The Painting Pottery Cafe said...

Sorry to write this as a comment on your blog!

I'm contacting you as the curator of the new gallery, Café Gallery, based in the basement of The Painting Pottery Café, In December 2012 I was given the exciting task of relaunching the vacant downstairs of The Painting Pottery Café into a thriving gallery. As a well established art & craft centre in the heart of Brighton we decided to make the most of our prime location and use it to provide a platform for local and developing artists to exhibit their work. As well as appealing to artists who are already exhibiting work, we are also here to encourage those who have never exhibited their work to give it a go!

Over the weekend we've got some publicity happening for our next exhibition, in the form of local artists, Jakob Belbin and Karol Michalec dressing as geisha's whilst they hand out flyers promoting their event. As well as this they will also be distributing pieces of broken pottery, each piece hand painted with one of Jakob's Haunting images, and with a label attached, asking them to bring the piece to the private view of their event, where the fragments will all be re united and joined to form a a ceramic mural. The fragments will be scattered around Brighton, in the hope people will be curious enough to pick up the item and follow its instructions!

As this event requires quite a lot of public interested and hype, I was wondering if you could assist us with this, in any way you can! We've got articles about to go live on both our website and blog about it, but still we have a rather limited audience, any assistance you could offer with this huge task would be greatly appreciated! I've attached a flyer, a poster, and an image of the flyering that was happening today.

Best wishes, Hazel Stephenson,
Curator of Café Gallery.