Monday, December 6, 2010

Vampire Weekend @ Brighton Centre

Who would have though, when they played Audio a couple of years ago, Vampire Weekend would end up headlining festivals and playing the Brighton Centre.  Most people who were there might have guessed it as, despite being a Brooklyn band and playing African rhythms, they do write incredibly catchy pop tunes.

Their set consisted most/all of the tracks from their two shortish albums, with the four piece band spread out over the centres largish stage.  The arrangements were looser than on the album and every now and again the drummer would wander off and play some of the other percussion they had lying about.  The centre of the show was "I think you are a contra" the slow one with the political message off the last album.  As with the album its change of pace made it more memorable compared to the surrounding tracks.

As usual the singles were saved till last and went down a storm.  They left after one encore promising to have written some new material for their return.  Considering they have only been around a couple of years, they have played Brighton a few times.  There was Audio, the C2, Great Escape, Del La War Pavillion and now the Centre.

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