Monday, December 13, 2010

Robin Ince @ The Dome

It was billed as "The Return of Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People" and was sort of an anti Christmas show.  Or at least a Christmas show with all the "little baby Jesus" stuff taken out of it Jesus.  What you got was Robin Ince compeering a string of comedians and entertainers all doing their slightly nerdier material.  There were a couple of mathematicians and journalists in the mix but not as many as I'd been expecting.  Richard Herring started off reading his letter of application for the post of Pope which surprisingly was a post he didn't get.  Josie Long came on and talked to the audience about nothing much for several minutes.  Other acts included our own Stepen Grant, Simon Singh and Frisky and Mannish.  Local lass (and friend of JohnnyVegas) Joanna Neary did a hilarious skit about buying sex toys for Christmas and Dara O'Brian finished the night off with a thorough dissection of the film 2012.

It was a good show but probably one for the more scientific amongst you.  If you don't know your Quantum Physics from your Quantum Leap then you may miss some of the jokes.  Also if you are familiar with the podcast work of any of the above people then you may have heard some of the material before.

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