Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let It Snow ...

It may have escaped your attention, but it has been snowing a bit recently.  There was much consternation on the Brighton Centre Vampire Weekend Facebook forum.  It seems that some people might not be able to make it to the gig.  There lots of call for the gig to be rescheduled even though the band were already in town.  There was even a Facebook group set up.  

Anyway, the gig came and went and i have to say Brighton town centre was quite magical that night.  It was snowing quite heavily and the roads were devoid of traffic.  The beach was covered in snow and for once the clock tower Christmas lights actually looked quite lovely.

Of course by this time of night all the taxis and public transport had packed up and gone home.  Almost all that is, there was a lone 700 bus sat at Churchill Square that picked up the everyone it could and headed off west.  Western Road was deserted except for a few brave antarctic explorers and deserted cars.  The roads were very treacherous and the corner or church road and grand avenue took several minutes to navigate.

Have you had any adventures?

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