Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ida Barr @ Pavillion Theatre

Ida Barr is a rapping granny from London.  If you can imagine  Hinge and Bracket freestyling over dance beats then you are almost there.  "Last Christmas (possibly)" was her reminiscing about the the past year, telling a few jokes and having a bit of a sing song.  Her act was nice and at times poigniant but as it was the first night, a little under polished.  Her guest acts were where it really got interesting.  Ukelele Eric was an old chap giving some old Max Miller material a bit of a "Kemptown" twist.  The Two Wrongies were the main surprise though.  Without giving too much away, they did a 6 minute synchronised swimming routine on stage, sans costumes.  It is really not something you see every day.  The show runs until Friday so it is probably worth trying to catch this show before the council or the Argus try and close it down, as they surely will.

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