Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Divine Comedy @ Komedia

It was billed as an evening with Neil Hannon, but having been too late to get tickets for the evening show, It was lucky that the Komedia managed to get  to do an afternoon one as well.  He came on stage to the theme tune from Mr Ben, dressed in a suit and bowler hat and carrying a brief case.  That sort of set the mood for the show quite well.

Why this chap isn't more successful is beyond me.  He proceeded to play an hour and a half of witty, clever, intelligent pop songs, a bit like an indie Neil Tennant.  Swapping between piano and guitar, he played most of the DC hits as well as the stand out tracks from the new album and a song from both the cricket album and his upcoming musical.  National Express was saved for the final number as would be expected.  The crowd was well up for the moments of audience participation, joining in on backing vocals and chatting amongst themselves when prompted to.  It was a shame that he had to pace himself so he would be in a fit state for the evening show.

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