Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brighton v London

Not quite sure what Geisha Arts is, but they seem to be having a bit of an artistic Brighon v London battle. There are some big names there with Goldie and Jamie Reid.


DartBird said...


I can't find any contact info so I'll write here. I just wanted to give a little tip about an original vid featuring people passing by the Meeting Place in Brighton that is getting some attention out in the big world. Perhaps something to post about? Look at:


Anonymous said...

enjoying your blog...Geisha arts is amazing! I am part of the University of Brighton Fashion Society and we're having our first catwalk there in two week. The art in the gallery above the bar is fantastic, go team Brighton

I am blogging for Brighton Fashion Week at the moment and the Fashion Society

will post images of geisha arts soon! please follow my blog!