Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Julian Cope Review 02/06/2010

Droolian, the Arch Drood and that bloke from Teardrop Explodes were all present tonight in varying amounts. This was a one man show that picked the best bits of his back catalogue and presented them on guitar or mellotron for a rabid audience. the man himself hasn't changed since I last saw him with stories about taking acid on his 50th birthday and how his Vietnam era US army cap was better than a German one.

Considering he hasn't really bothered the publics conscience since Beautiful Love, the more recent stuff sounded nice and familiar. One tune contained the humorous line "I like the avant garde, but you avant garde a clue". Classics like Christine and Sunspots also got an airing.

Of course it wasn't perfect. The guitar songs were either played on straight acoustic or acoustic through fx pedals. This meant that some of the songs did disappear into a puddle of noise come the middle eight.

Mention should also be made of the support act. David Wrench looked a bit like a geriatric Suicide with a chap in white denim and grey beard shouting anarchist type statements over a two note synth line for ten minutes.

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