Friday, June 25, 2010

Dolphins Film Preview

Tonight at the Duke of Yorks they have a preview of the film Dolphins. This is a film set in Brighton, all about the boy racers that hang out down Marine Parade come nightfall. If you fancy a teenage love story packed with shiny chrome alloys and huge bass bins then this is the film for you. The trailer looks good and the soundtrack features Fatboy Slim and hip-hop legend Roots Manuva.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brighton Music Venue Crisis

It seems the future of three Brighton music venues are all in doubt at the moment. The Hanbury Ballroom and the Engine Room are both under new management and that always means they may just turn into pubs or clubs. More worryingly the Freebutt is having trouble with the council over noise levels and may have to close.

Now having been going to gigs in Brighton for longer than I can remember, this is nothing new. Every couple of years things change and some venues stop doing music and some start. I remember seeing the Verve at the Pressure Point (nee the Richmond) a long time ago and they haven't done gigs for years now. Audio was also a venue back in the 80s under another name. The Hanbury and the Engine Room are more clubby pubs and will probably always continue to do stuff.

The Freebutt is different though. I remember when it was just the front part of the pub, before they knocked it into the horse shoe shaped bar. Since then they have built a small housing estate next to it and that is probably where the problem is. I haven't been upstairs in the venue recently but downstairs it looks a bit grim. There is a functional bar and industrial warehouse looking stage part. It is not the nicest place to visit and the number of pillars make watching bands a bit can't help thinking they would be better off cutting their losses and taking the name somewhere else. Still, if you want to protest then you can sign the petition.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local Festivals

If you are ever at a loss for something to do at the weekend then chances are there is a mini festival happening in Brighton somewhere. Coming up soon are the following ones.

Sat 03 Jul 10
Paddle Round The Pier
A popular one on Hove Lawns if you are into watersports or just laying on the beach.

Sat 10 Jul 10
Kite Festival
Out in Stanmer Park, this is a day of kiting with demonstrations and lots of people selling kites.

Sat 10 Jul 10
Family Fun Day and Music Festival
Sat 24 Jul 10
PoCo LoCo Dance and food Festival
A couple of things under the umbrella of the Poets Corner festival.

Sat 07 Aug 10
Get out your cowboy hats, it is the UKs premier gay festival.

Fri 20 Aug 10
29th Brunswick Community Festival
This is a good one held in Brunswick Square. Two days of jumble sales, markets, bands, food and drink.

Sat 25 Sep 10
Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival
A food and drink festival that takes place all over Brighton and hove.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Soundwaves Festival 2010

It seems the Soundwaves festival has moved from the Old Market to the Sallis Benney this year. This is a now annual festival of weird and wonderful music of a more "experimental" nature. The only consession to "pop" will be the indie starlet Micachu helping out in a performance of Cornelius Cardews Treatise. Expect a very tune free weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Julian Cope Review 02/06/2010

Droolian, the Arch Drood and that bloke from Teardrop Explodes were all present tonight in varying amounts. This was a one man show that picked the best bits of his back catalogue and presented them on guitar or mellotron for a rabid audience. the man himself hasn't changed since I last saw him with stories about taking acid on his 50th birthday and how his Vietnam era US army cap was better than a German one.

Considering he hasn't really bothered the publics conscience since Beautiful Love, the more recent stuff sounded nice and familiar. One tune contained the humorous line "I like the avant garde, but you avant garde a clue". Classics like Christine and Sunspots also got an airing.

Of course it wasn't perfect. The guitar songs were either played on straight acoustic or acoustic through fx pedals. This meant that some of the songs did disappear into a puddle of noise come the middle eight.

Mention should also be made of the support act. David Wrench looked a bit like a geriatric Suicide with a chap in white denim and grey beard shouting anarchist type statements over a two note synth line for ten minutes.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Edinburgh Comedy Previews

The Caroline of Brunswick pub in Brighton has some comedians down this month trying out their new Edinburgh material on unsuspecting punters. Not quite the big names that they had last year but a good chance to see Josie Long and Stephen K Amos in a pub.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brighton Nude Bike Ride

If you are around on the 13th June and dont mind cleaning your bicycle seat afterwards, then you could take part in the Brighton Nude Bike Ride. It is part of Bike Week and is either a chance to protest against something or just some gratuitous exhibitionism. I forget. Either way its probably worth supporting.