Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dreamthinkspeak: Before I Sleep - Review

Spoiler alert. As it isn't a straight theatre piece, it is hard to review without going into detail and the detail is what makes this so special.

It is a sort of sequel to the classic play "The Cherry Orchard" though only in as much as a few characters from the play are used as recurring themes in it. You start off walking round to the goods entrance of the old Co-Op building on London road. From there you are lead down into the basement where you start your walk through the story. the story relates how the Cherry Orchard in question is sold, chopped down, and turned into a huge housing and shopping complex. It is almost like an Advent calender as you walk (in the dark) from room to room, never knowing what to expect and being quite amazed by what you do find. The surreal feeling of walking across an snowy plain, through the orchard, round a bustling department store or through a ballroom all in the same building.

All in all this is one to see. It is a unique production that you won't get the chance to see again.

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