Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Carol @ Old Ship Hotel

As Christmas is coming I thought it would be nice to do something fetive, and you can't get more festive than the Christmas Carol. I had high hopes as this production as it was put on by the people who did the play about the Trunk Murders over the summer, and I wasn't disappointed. Taking place in one of the small function rooms in the Old Ship Hotel, this play is marvellous demonstration of hat you can do with very minimal props and a LOT of imagination.

With seats on two sides of the room and the action taking place in the middle, the play starts off in the pitch dark. If fact apart from two benches and two stepladders, the darkness is the main piece of scenery in the play. It conceals a lot of things and is a usuitable backdrop for a ghost filled night. The actors are great. Mr Scrooge is suitably scared by his visions and the three ghosts each have their own distinct style. The way the director cuts between some scenes is almost cinematic and you could almost say that some of the sound effects are in surround sound. Most chilling.

This is the second production by the Brighton Theatre Collective and it looks like they will become a name to watch out for. The play is on every day until the 10th Jan, except xmas eve and new years eve. I got my tickets form the Dome box office.

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