Monday, November 24, 2008

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Being a Hove resident two of my favourite sights are 1) the starlings over the west pier and 2) Nick Cave walking around the town. So, I have to say I was excited when I saw that he was playing the Brighton Centre. I caught the recent Grinderman gig from outside and that was great. So to be in the same room as the band this time should be amazing, and what a great show he put on.

They played for the best part of two hours, the set featuring a few tunes from his last couple of albums and a lot of his "greatest hits". Apart from a couple of songs, the light show was quite restrained. The band however really let rip through the more rocky songs. Mr Cave running round the stage and high kicking everywhere, Warren Ellis playing a little kids guitar and two drummers for added umph!

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