Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Beach Boutique 4 - Review

Well I went to the first two Big Beach Boutiques (not mad enough to go dancing on Brighton sea front in the middle of the winter) so it seemed a good idea to go to this years as well. Unfortuately the GF double booked us for a BBQ in the afternoon so by the time we got to Maderia Drive it was nearly time for FatBoy to take to the stage. Still, it was a nice day and everyone seemed to be having a good time down there. There was lots of security and food and somewhere in the distance was a stage. The trouble with Maderia Drive is that it is long and narrow and the stage witht he big screen was miles away.

I wasn't making notes or anything but Mr Cooks set went something like this. He started off with a greatest hits segment. This had a few other techno/big beat numbers mixed in and had the crowd singing along. A couple of the new Brighton Port Authority tracks got played as well. there were certainly bits of Dayid Byrne and Iggy Pop floating around. Then there was the Mash up segmentwhere Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Gorillaz and the White Stripes got mixed, remixed and over dubbed. Hilight was the legendary Rolling Stones Satisfaction/Rockerfella Skank mix which I don't think I have heard him play at any of the other BBBs. Finally there was a big cheesey 70s love song and Praise You which got the crowd singing again.

There were lazers, there was someone climbing up a street lamp, there were dozens of boats out at sea shining like fire flys and, Oh yes, and we all got a free mini Cd featuring six tracks from the new BPA album. Another source of related info can be found here.

What did you think?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brighton Photo Biennial

Brighton Photo Biennial is an ambitious celebration of international photographic practice and a firmly established event in the national and international photographic calendar. It runs from the 3rd October to 16 November. Entitled Memory of Fire: the War of Images and Images of War, Brighton Photo Biennial 2008 will explore photographic images of war, their making, use and circulation, and their currency in contemporary society.

There is also a fringe to the whole festival with its own exhbitions and workshops taking place at the same time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Streets for People

Streets for People takes place on Sunday 21 September and is a car free day in the centre of Brighton. Pedestrian friendly spaces will include Prince Albert Street, Bartholomews, Market Street and Square, Little East Street, East Street, New Road, Jubilee Street and Square. There will be bands, dancing, walks, free rickshaw rides and even a bit of sand on the beach outside the town hall. I went along last year and it was well received.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Lewes Pound

I just saw this on the news and thought I would mention it. In Lewes they have started printing their own money. This is not some crafty forgery scam but an incentive to get people to spend money in local shops rather than the big supermarkets. The idea is that you exchange a pound real money for a "Lewes Pound Note". This can then be used in any of 85 shops around Lewes.
It seems to have a success with all 10,000 of the first set of notes being sold. The only drawback is that people seem to be collecting then and not spending them. There are currently about 40 on ebay and Lewes council say they will print some more in an attempt to get more into circulation.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brighton Food Festival

The Brighton Food Festival is now on at various places round Brighton. It is a month long celebration of food and drink and you can't really argue with that. Hilights include various weekend markets, a firey food festival and a live demonstration by 20 of the finest chefs in Brighton. It is also noting that the brochure for the event features artwork by Kate Jenkins who is famous for knitting food (and we dont mean out of spaghetti).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stencil History X @ Ink_d

My favourite little gallery in Brighton has an exhibition of Stencil art on this month. It features ...

Original works from C215, fellow French stenciller Sadhu and three quite amazing US artists - Adam5100, Broken Crow and Koleszar - are taking over Ink_d to showcase the re-written rules on this artform.

Unfortunately one of the artists has been refused entry to the UK.