Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trunks @ Old Ship Hotel

Last night I went to see Trunks at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton. It is a play by Stephen Plaice based on the 1930s trunk murders that took place in Brighton and caused quite a scandal at the time. the play is performed in the Paganinni Ballroom in the Old Ship Hotel. This is a lovely little ballroom that is accessed from the side of the hotel and via a nice sweeping staircase.

The play itself is great. It is the first show by the Brighton Theatre Collective who are a collective of local actors and actresses. With a cast of twelve you actually get proper crowd scenes with the stage bustling full of people. The main actors and actresses were very good with Mancini, the charming murderer and Violet the worn down prostitute worthy of praise. The story is sort of played in flashback with the murderer, casually conversing with his dead (and resigned to it) victim.

With most Am' Dram' productions you get used to it being two people and a couple of boxes on stage but this was much more exciting. The scene where Mancini the murderer and his new floozy go to a dance hall was especially good. You could sense his paranoia as they danced around while everyone discussed the murders. The lights and bubbles gave it a suitably dream like feel. There was also a nice number of costume changes amongst the cast.

It finishes on Friday so get in quick.

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dan said...

Thank you for the very nice review. I would however like to point out that Brighton Theatre Collective is professional company. Our latest show - A Christmas Carol is running at the Old Ship Hotel till 10th January 2009.
Daniel Finlay, joint Artistic Director, BTC.