Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peace Picnic @ Hove Lawns

The Peace Picnic comes to Hove Lawns again on Sunday the 20th July. Lasts years was a great afternoon out so hopefully this years should be as well. From what I remember there is a carnival parade through town which ends at Hove Lawns by the Peace statue. The entertainment for the afternoon consists of several stages with local bands playing, films, food plus the usual "ethnic" food and nick nack stalls. As the name suggests it has a bit of a hippy vibe but it means well.

Update: It looks like the carnival part may just have been a happy coincidence last year. That took place in Brighton last weekend.

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Fanny Anne said...

No coincidence! Peace Messenger (the glorious people behind The Peace Picnic) & Brighton Carnival worked together last year to bring you the parade to Hove Lawns.
Unfortunately Brighton Carnival opted to go it alone this year but as you probably saw for yourself Peace Picnic was a beautiful day for all and who's to say they wont create their own parade in the coming years.
Well done to all those who worked on Peace Picnic, you did Brighton & Hove proud! xxxx