Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Modern Toss Museum Of Urban Shit Naks @ Ink_D Gallery

Currently at the Ink_d gallery on North Road is an exhibition of Modern Toss. If you don't know, Modern Toss is the 21st Century equivalent of Viz magazine, a crude anarchic comic that as recently branched out into TV. Home to such lovely characters as Mr Tourettes, the flies and that bloke in the deckchair on the Guardian Guides clubbing page. At least one of the people behind it lives/works in Brighton so having a show here is a good idea.

So, onto the show itself. It is basically copies of some of their most popular cartoons with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure. Mostly collages of coloured card and hair with the characters stuck/drawn over the top, they capture the look and feel of the comic. A couple of them are interactive with bits of string you can pull to make things move. There are even a couple of "ceramic shit frisbees" or plates as they are more commonly known. I think these awere all for sale along with a selection of books, t-shirts and greetings cards.
There was even a picture done especially for the Brighton Festival by the looks of it.

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