Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Johnnys Midnight Goggles @ Pavillion Theatre

I must admit, I went to see Johnnys Midnight Goggles not really knowing what to expect. It turn out to be a one man show where for most of it, the performer sits centre stage, with a cello, telling a story. Not much cop you may think but it really was quite involving. Matthew Sharp made an entertaining story teller, slipping in voices and accents and providing his own background music and sound effects with his cello. The story is about an artist whose friend disappears shortly after he has seen a mysterious black camel, though it soon descends into an exotic fantasy land and a plot to enslave the world. The minimal production values suited it quite well though maybe light could have been used a bit more to hilight the action sequences. It has finished now but it is well worth catching should it come round again.

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