Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eastbourne's Wicker Man

Back in January the cargo vessel Ice Prince dropped its cargo of timber which washed up all along the south coast. Most of the timber has been cleared up now but Eastbourne artist Oliver Zurek though it would be a nice idea to do something with the timber. Unfortunately his idea of building a wicker man on the beach and then setting fire to it has been turned down by the local council. Says the artist

"Having heard that the wood at Cow Gap is to be burnt, I feel it is a wasted opportunity to not build something with it first, for example 'the wicker man'.

I feel this could be a great community project for locals and could increase the artistic profile of Eastbourne, if promoted correctly. "

They could always do it any way and stick a couple of the local councillors in there while they are at it.

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