Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4d art - Norman @ Theatre Royal

4d art - Norman is a piece of multi media performance art/dance at the Theatre Royal this week. Very loosely it is about someone researching the life and works of the audio visual artist Norman McLaren. Not very interesting on the surface but the show starring Peter Trosztmer literally brings the works of art to life in quite a remarkable way. Using minimal props the researcher shows us some of Normans work and then then starts interacting with it. People he has interviewed appear on screen like ghosts or the hologram at the start of Star Wars. With transparent screens at the back and front of the stage Peter manages to get in front of, behind and even inside some of the animations. Some of the animations are quite primitive, though that is because they were scratched straight onto film using a knife. Some are quite hypnotic. "Neighbours" was films with two actors in stop motion and sums up the pointlessness of war. Well worth seeing.

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