Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fatboy Gig Details

The tickets for Fatboy Slims BBB4 gig are on sale very soon according to his MySpace page. Monday according to the Evening Argus.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eastbourne's Wicker Man

Back in January the cargo vessel Ice Prince dropped its cargo of timber which washed up all along the south coast. Most of the timber has been cleared up now but Eastbourne artist Oliver Zurek though it would be a nice idea to do something with the timber. Unfortunately his idea of building a wicker man on the beach and then setting fire to it has been turned down by the local council. Says the artist

"Having heard that the wood at Cow Gap is to be burnt, I feel it is a wasted opportunity to not build something with it first, for example 'the wicker man'.

I feel this could be a great community project for locals and could increase the artistic profile of Eastbourne, if promoted correctly. "

They could always do it any way and stick a couple of the local councillors in there while they are at it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Modern Toss Museum Of Urban Shit Naks @ Ink_D Gallery

Currently at the Ink_d gallery on North Road is an exhibition of Modern Toss. If you don't know, Modern Toss is the 21st Century equivalent of Viz magazine, a crude anarchic comic that as recently branched out into TV. Home to such lovely characters as Mr Tourettes, the flies and that bloke in the deckchair on the Guardian Guides clubbing page. At least one of the people behind it lives/works in Brighton so having a show here is a good idea.

So, onto the show itself. It is basically copies of some of their most popular cartoons with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure. Mostly collages of coloured card and hair with the characters stuck/drawn over the top, they capture the look and feel of the comic. A couple of them are interactive with bits of string you can pull to make things move. There are even a couple of "ceramic shit frisbees" or plates as they are more commonly known. I think these awere all for sale along with a selection of books, t-shirts and greetings cards.
There was even a picture done especially for the Brighton Festival by the looks of it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Escape Reviews

I didn't go myself but here are some reviews of the Great Escape music festival that took place in Brighton this weekend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Johnnys Midnight Goggles @ Pavillion Theatre

I must admit, I went to see Johnnys Midnight Goggles not really knowing what to expect. It turn out to be a one man show where for most of it, the performer sits centre stage, with a cello, telling a story. Not much cop you may think but it really was quite involving. Matthew Sharp made an entertaining story teller, slipping in voices and accents and providing his own background music and sound effects with his cello. The story is about an artist whose friend disappears shortly after he has seen a mysterious black camel, though it soon descends into an exotic fantasy land and a plot to enslave the world. The minimal production values suited it quite well though maybe light could have been used a bit more to hilight the action sequences. It has finished now but it is well worth catching should it come round again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brighton Fest Pics

Here are some pics of what is happening in the Brighton Festival courtesy of Flickr.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4d art - Norman @ Theatre Royal

4d art - Norman is a piece of multi media performance art/dance at the Theatre Royal this week. Very loosely it is about someone researching the life and works of the audio visual artist Norman McLaren. Not very interesting on the surface but the show starring Peter Trosztmer literally brings the works of art to life in quite a remarkable way. Using minimal props the researcher shows us some of Normans work and then then starts interacting with it. People he has interviewed appear on screen like ghosts or the hologram at the start of Star Wars. With transparent screens at the back and front of the stage Peter manages to get in front of, behind and even inside some of the animations. Some of the animations are quite primitive, though that is because they were scratched straight onto film using a knife. Some are quite hypnotic. "Neighbours" was films with two actors in stop motion and sums up the pointlessness of war. Well worth seeing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Le Scandal @ Udderbelly

Went to see the New York burlesque troupe Le Scandal at the Udderbelly last night. Ten thirty on a bank holiday Monday night is probably not the perfect time to see them but i didn't have work in the morning so it was ok. It was also the first night of a run with quite a lot riding on it.

The house band were from Brighton but the performers all looked like people from the weirder side of Manhattan. There were a couple of ladies who did various fan dances, a (not very good) juggler, an escapologist, a rope act and a sex monkey. The rope act were probably the best part of the show. It was a woman and two men with lots of climbing ropes, hanging from ropes and spinning round on ropes. The whole show had a sort of vaudeville feel with a slight industrial/alternative undercurrent. Most of the audience were given kazoos when the went in and proceeded to join in with most of the tunes. A couple of ladies even won sets of "Paisties" in a sex quiz.

The person I went with thought it was a bit of a shambles but I thought that was all part of its charm/act. The big infaltable cow is probably not the best place to see something like that as the Spiegeltent (or a dingy NY night club) would have had more atmosphere. Not bad though.