Friday, April 18, 2008

Loop Festival Announced

One of the hi lights of last year was the Loop music festival, slap bang in the middle of Brighton. Well, it looks like its back. It is on Saturday 16th August at the same location. The website promises it will be bigger and better. Just as long as it doesn't rain again this year. New Young Pony Club are about the biggest name announced so far but it is still early days.

Apart from the weather and one individual, I thought last years went great for a festival in its first year. The security stopped the tents getting too crowded (not a good thing if you are outside) and there was plenty to do. There was at least 3 stages spread over 2 sites and cheap entry to some nightclubs. Due to the size of the place they probably can't have any one too big playing there, so last year it seemed to be the best of the local talent.


Anonymous said...
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eraseandsync said...

Look forward to this, was at last year's and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the rain! Also looking forward to beach down the weekend after Loop!

Nice blog, will be subscribing. Look out for my reviews on my relatively new blog ( Will be covring gigs I catch at the Great Escape Festival in May 2008.


Rob :-)