Friday, April 25, 2008

Soundwaves Festival 2008

Although I missed it last year, the Soundwaves Festival is back again this year. It runs from Friday 13 to Sunday 29 June and take splace in a variety of venues all over town. It is one of those "experimental" music festivals so expect lots of audio/visual installations and something taking place in a beach hut.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Loop Festival Announced

One of the hi lights of last year was the Loop music festival, slap bang in the middle of Brighton. Well, it looks like its back. It is on Saturday 16th August at the same location. The website promises it will be bigger and better. Just as long as it doesn't rain again this year. New Young Pony Club are about the biggest name announced so far but it is still early days.

Apart from the weather and one individual, I thought last years went great for a festival in its first year. The security stopped the tents getting too crowded (not a good thing if you are outside) and there was plenty to do. There was at least 3 stages spread over 2 sites and cheap entry to some nightclubs. Due to the size of the place they probably can't have any one too big playing there, so last year it seemed to be the best of the local talent.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Local Bands With New Albums

A few other local bands who have new albums out at the moment include the Blood Red Shoes who do a sort of Kills/White Stripes thing, the Kooks with their charming indie pop, Chris T-T (haven't actually heard yet), Jacobs Stories with hit electro acoustic folk and the rockabilly of Peggy Sue and the Pirates.

All worth checking out. Have I missed anyone else?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beachdown Festival Announced

It seems there is a new music festival in town, and this one has camping and everything.

From Friday 22nd – Monday 25th August, Beachdown Festival will resonate across the South Downs in East Sussex. Finally music lovers from the south east of England will have the accessible, quality music festival that it has been longing for. In fact, quality is the name of the game for Beachdown, with its organisers hell bent on providing the very best of everything, from heavenly hygiene to the finest of foods.

According to eFestivals
The line-up includes De La Soul, Lightspeed Champion, Reverend and the Makers, Terry Callier, Roy Ayers, Infadels, The Hat and Freakpower, Russ Dewbury,Bah Samba, Azymuth, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jah Wobble All-stars and Amp Fiddler. With more names still to be announced. As well as high profile names there will also be local talent from the Brighton music scene - club nights, record labels and DJ's are all involved.

Hopefully this will run smoothly and become a regular event, like the old Essential Music Festivals of yesteryear.

Their website can be found here. Only tickets are going to be £85 weekend tickets.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Raw Gallery Hove

There is funny little gallery recently opened in Hove. It is called the Raw Gallery and is down the bottom of Hove Street. According to the web site
"The RAW Gallery is our new family run gallery dedicated to contemporary art in the true meaning of the word. Artwork that truly represents our ever changing and contrasting times, thoughts and emotions. Artwork that takes many forms from Stunning paintings to unique one off furniture or bespoke handmade crystal lamps to beautiful sculpture."
It is only a small place with pictures on all the walls and in the window. You can see from the website what sort of artists they have on show there. There is a nice variety of styles and all the artists are friends of the owners. It is certainly a long way from most of the other galleries in Brighton, looking as it does, more like an open house.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My federation Album Out

The Brighton band My Federation have a new album out this week. I though I'd mention them as I saw them last year and thought they were quite good. They have a bit of a soft rock thing going on from what I remember looking a bit like the 70's Bee Gees and sounding a bit like Chicago.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pam Glew And Ptomley Interviews

There are a couple of nice interviews with Brighton artists on the old interweb.

One is with Ptomley the chap who makes fish, dragons and octopi out of old car hub caps. If yu have been to the Hop Poles or the Eagle pubs in Brighton then you will be familiar with his work. His pieces are all made from hub caps that he or his friends find discarded on the road.

The other interview is with Pam Glew, a 29 year old artist from Brighton who specialises in making artwork on flags, fabric and old books.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Peter Blake @ Ink_d

That's right, PETER BLAKE, the bloke who did the cover for the Beatles Sgt Peppers album. He has a exhibition at Ink_d gallery from 4th April to the 3rd May 2008. It is to mark the galleries first birthday, which is cool.