Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brighton Festival

It is that time of year where thoughts turn to the old Brighton Festival. The main website is on-line here and you can check the program to see whats on. The Fringe website is up but no listings as yet.

I can't say a whole lot grabs me this year. The most interesting things with a music slant seem to be in the "books and debate" section of all places. Jarvis Cocker, Neil Tennant, Alex James and the incomprehensible Mark E Smith are all plugging books.

Tickets go on sale Firday the 29th and it usually pays to get in quick as the popular stuff sells out fast.


Andrew Holmes said...

Mark E Smith is one of the country's most celebrated lyricists. In what sense is he incomprehensible?

jonathan said...

Andrew, have you ever heard him speak?

ShaunP said...

I am sure if he has got his good teeth in he will be an entertaining speaker. The thing with him is, in all the interviews that i have seen, he has never really answered a question or said anything about himself or the band. I just hope this show will be a bit more enlightening.